Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 Things Tag
I was tagged by Keelee so here goes....

5 shows I love to watch

1- Grey's Anatomy (when its not kinky-those who have watched it lately know what I mean)
2- Take Home Chef
3- John and Kate Plus 8
4- Dancing with the Stars
5- So You Think you Can Dance

5 favorite restaurants

1- Cheesecake Factory
2- Olive Garden
3- I-HOP (I know I'm a cheap date)
4- Cafe Rio
5- Texas Roadhouse

5 things that happened yesterday

1- We had our first prenatal Dr's appointment! - everythings fine!
2- Spent time with Jenn and her kids (Scotts sister is in town from Spokane)
3- Went to dinner at the Wok - Scott's favorite place- me not so much!
4- Went to the Dentist with Scott.
5- Went to bed early and watched a recorded tape of Grey's- I know so exciting....

5 things I look forward to today

1- Spending time with Scott and Tyler
2- Not having Morning sickness...
3- Resting... I do a lot of that lately
4- Seeing our neices
5- Taking a bubble bath

5 things I love about the fall
1- Getting a pair of cute boots
2- Seeing the mountains turn pretty reds and oranges.
3- Eating more soups and Chili
4- Snuggling more with Scott
5- Seeing Tylers cute nose turn red when we go outside.

5 things on my wish list
1- Having a healthy, happy fam!
2- Someday getting in a new house, if ours ever sells.
3- Growing old with my best friend and spoiling grandkids.
4- World Peace
5- Trip to Hawaii

5 people I tag
1- Mom
2- Andrea Herzog
3- Candace Lierd
4- Jennifer Lopez
5- Stacey Mehl
and whoever wants to.....

Here comes baby #2!

It's official, we are pregnant! I am about 8 weeks along and sick as can be. Actually Dr. Forsha wrote me an Rx for Zofran which is a gift sent from Heaven! It helps a lot! Our due date at this time is June 5th- which seems like a year away but I am sure it will go by fast. Scott and I are excited. Scott is the sweetest husband and helps out a lot when I dont feel that great. We are really happy to add to our family!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lake Powell 2008

The Crew: Left to Right Ashley, Devin, Ryan, Sampson, Kaden, Patrick, Candace, Whitnie, Belle, Mark, Tim, Andrea, Kamryn, Lexi, Dave, Scott, Tyler, Ashley. Shalynn, Spencer and Kody are not in the pic :(
We went to Lake Powell the weekend of September 17th. We camped in a sandy beach across from Lone Rock at Wahlweep. There was about 19 of us-all really good friends some that live in Vegas that we dont get to see very much. Tyler had so many friends to play with, starting early in the morning we could find him in the water-even before the sun was out. Scott took him out for his first kneeboarding ride. He loves the water so much he would cry when we made him get back in the boat. We had so much fun! Thanks to all of our friends that made it so much fun- I just wish we could have stayed a little longer! We are definantly in for next year!

Check out the slideshow.

Lake Powell 2008