Saturday, August 23, 2008


We went camping at 5 Mile Pass this weekend with our friends the Townsends. We had so much fun! Tyler and Cody were best buddies and played so well together. Tyler loves fourwheeling and could not get enough!

Bowling Dance

We went bowling on Friday with my mom, Alisa and sister Tiffany. Tyler was so funny because he would get so excited after each turn and would break out in a dance. We like to call the bowling dance! He cracks me up!

Roastin' Mallows

One of our favorite things this summer is making S'mores. A coulple of nights ago we were at home and were craving them so Scott and Tyler hooked us up with a make-shift fire and roasted some up in our backyard. Tyler
had a blast!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tiffy's Trauma!

My cute little sister Tiffany went to her first YWs camp this week she left Tuesday and was scheduled to come home on Thursday. She was so excited! Thursday afternoon I received a call from my sister Whitney saying that Tiffy was in a boat accident. I guess when she was wakeboarding she hit a wave really hard and decided to get back in the boat. As soon as she sat down she was unresponsive and her left side was drooping and she was mumbling and couldn't sit or stand. She was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Heber.Upon arrival she was lifelighted to Primary Children's Hospital because they were worried about possible bleeding on her brain. Before she was taken in the helicopter Phylis, our neighbor that was with her at the time, found two return missionaries to give her a priesthood blessing. When she was loaded on she didnt even know her name and when they landed she was answering questions and knew what was going on. She was kept the night for observation. They diagnosed her with a really bad concussion, the CAT scan was clear. She came home yesterday and now is doing really good.

What a complete miracle! We were so scared and thought we might lose our little Tiffy! We are so thankful for the priesthood and we know that it was Heavenly Father who blessed us with her recovery! It's these experiences that we know the gospel is true and if we have faith miracles do happen!
We love you Tiffy! or in Tyler's words Ni-Ni!

Lake Powell 2008